Tuesday 10, December 2019
To know the most beautiful girls
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  • Featured Latina

    Stacey Rodriguez


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    My name is Stacey Rodriguez. I'm originally from Southern California. I'm a Freelance makeup artist and inspiring model. I have always admired the glamour and art of being a model. As a child I would dance around in her mother’s high heel shoes while wearing her red lipstick. I'm full of life. Silly, determined, and addicting.

    My career path took me down various roads of work- nursing, business management, Accounting, and then finally led back to makeup and modeling. I'm on my way in launching my very own mineral cosmetics line "Alter Ego Cosmetics"

    When I'm not posing for the camera or creating art on my clients, I loves spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy regular boot camp classes, going out to movies, and dancing with my friends.